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From open source to pro services, Graphix Studio helps you to build, deploy, test, and monitor apps.

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As a top app development company, we're well equipped to help you design an experience takes advantage of everything each platform has to offer: Android, iOS, and web. Every mobile app we develop is completely bespoke. We’ll work closely with you to understand where an app will bring most value to your business and develop a solution against your business goals. Whether that’s revenue generation, supporting employee engagement or improving business efficiency.

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We take a consultative approach to every client engagement and find actionable solutions that will help you achieve the best outcomes.



Our professional team works hard to fit your needs by integrating the latest technologies in your startups.

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From open source to pro services, Piqes helps you to build, deploy, test, and monitor apps.

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Creative application for designers

Our developers strive to achieve the best results in building software by communicating with clients and applying their creative ideas to make your business grow faster.

Who We Are

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We’ve been doing this for more than a decade. And during that time, we’ve worked with large, global organisations as well as disruptive start-ups. What connects all our clients is an appetite to build the right products.